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Reclaim Rubber


Reclaim Rubber

For the rubber manufacturers, Reclaim rubber is most significant and ecofriendly source of rubber which is recreated by waste rubber, tires, natural tubes or butyl tubes etc. without losing quality and flexibility. For the environment friendly work reclaim rubber is fundamental raw material used while manufacturing many rubber products.

Its growing and immensely accepted as dynamic raw material in many rubber industries. It gives dual advantages that are low processing cost along with ecofriendly in nature.

High-Tech Reclaim Pvt. Ltd. delivers huge variety of reclaim rubber which applicable in many industries such as tyre sector and non-tyre sector. We exports only finest end Reclaim rubber products all over the world which has international quality and standards. We follow ecological path through reclaimed rubber and to save our planet.

Apart from natural and synthetic rubber, reclaim rubber is third source of rubber. If you are looking for standardize reclaim rubber manufacturer and exporter then High-Tech Reclaim is a perfect place.